St Annes Lagoon

A 40 ha. reserve consisting of 20 ha of water body and exotic trees. Public access on East and North Lake edge. Vehicle access to picnic tables and public toilet.

No Camping or Dogs Please.

Extensive range of waterfowl including:

  • Cape Barren Geese

  • Canadian Geese

  • Paradise Shelduck (major moulting water body Jan/Feb)

  • Mallard Duck

  • Grey Duck

  • N.Z.Shoveler

  • Scaup

  • Coots

  • Grey Teal

  • Australian Shelduck (occasionally)

  • Black Swan

  • Pukeko

  • Whitefronted Herons

  • Shags

  • rarely seen: Bittens, Dabchicks, Royal Spoonbill

This area is managed by the Reserves Committee for the Hurunui District Council.

Work in progress:
A new planting of Native trees and vegetation is on the right hand side as you drive in.

State Highway 1.

4 kms North of the Cheviot Village

St Annes Lagoon map information


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