On Ya Bike!

Cheviot has a host of cycle trails on offer for both road and mountain bikers. There is stunning coastal scenery, farm roads, hill country and flats.

With two major cycle races in Cheviot during the summer months, the area is already a popular destination for cyclists. The Lions Kaiwara Classic is held in early February, and the Lions Cheviot Hills Spring Challenge is a lap race held in the historic Cheviot Hills Domain in spring. Unfortunately due to the very wet weather we have had this spring, the Spring Challenge has been cancelled for 2017. 

Check out the proposed new Heartland ride.  www.hurunuiheartland.co.nz the plan is to have this approved by the NZTA and signage in place about March 2018.  

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Cheviot on two wheels

Cheviot on two wheels

There are kilometres of beautiful, scenic road for biking business. You will find loads of magnificent scenery, dramatic coastline and a small town with a plethora of cafes to imbibe your favourite brew. Lycra accepted in all cafes!

We are looking into developing even more trails and options for cycling in our area, and are fully supportive of the plans to open a cycling trail from Picton to Kaikoura. Hopefully one day we can get cycle trails sorted so that you can cycle the length of the east coast of the South Island.  But in the meantime, we suggest you spend a few days in Cheviot checking out the options on your bike.   Another great ride is from Motunau through the paper road through Stoneyhurst, up the Blythe Valley and into Cheviot.  Not for the unfit but a brilliant ride! 

Gore Bay Circuit

For road cycling enthusiasts, the loop around Gore Bay, Port Robinson and back to Cheviot via Domett has plenty of hill work, some flats and stunning scenery all in one circuit. Better still you can both start and stop in one of Cheviot’s gorgeous cafes. The full circuit is 30 km.

How to get there: Follow signs to Gore Bay from Cheviot. Follow sealed road over Port Robinson and turn right at the Hurunui River Road to Domett. From Domett turn right onto SH 1 to Cheviot.

Mountain bikers can complete this circuit without riding on the main road by taking the old Main Road back to Cheviot. Cross S H 1 and carry on past the Mainline Station Café back to Cheviot on a gravel road.

Mountain bikes can also detour from the Hurunui River Road to the river mouth or cross the lower Hurunui Bridge and carry on to Nape Nape Beach, or all the way through to S H 1 at Stoneyhurst, 65 kms south of Cheviot. This gravel road carries on all the way through to Motanau and Greta Valley for another 90 kms.

Random Spur Road

This public paper road offers a good steady hill climb from Cheviot to a summit with outstanding views over the Hurunui River and Cheviot Basin. From Cheviot follow Mina Road until it reaches the railway line. Cross this onto Goodshed Road and carry onto Random spur Road. The road is signposted and there is a set of cattle yards at the start of the road. This 12 km four-wheel drive track is easy to follow and after plateauing, it is carries on down to the Ethelton Valley road. This is a working farm, and there may be gates to open and some curious livestock. Please leave gates as you found them.

Once down on the Ethelton Road, turn left onto the gravel road and this eventually leads onto S H 1 just above the Hurunui River Bridge (12 km). Random Spur is well gravelled on the eastern side, and is less maintained and grass covered on the western side.

Cheviot - Leamington Valley circuit (35 km)

A rural adventure through the rolling farmland behind Cheviot. From Cheviot follow Rolleston Street (Cheviot 4 Square) onto Ward Road and turn left on Factory Road. Take the first right onto Sinclair road (gravel road). Bike through beautiful rolling farmland until Downs Road. Turn left here and bike on to Leamington Road which follows the scenic Leamington Valley. Turn left onto Munro Road (sealed) and climb out of the valley to return to Cheviot via Ward Road.
This circuit can be made longer by turning right onto Phoebe Road (gravel) from Downs Road. Continue north until reaching Waiau West road. Either turn right to reach SH 1, or turn left until reaching the northern end of Leamington Road and continue on the circuit.
For a much longer ride, continue South on Leamington Road through the lowry Hills Range. The road turns into Eggleston Road. follow this until turning left onto Kaiwara Road (you will bike past the turn off to Random Spur - this will take you back to Cheviot over this public paper road that runs through a working farm. Please leave gates as you find them). When Kaiwara Road meets Ethelton Road, turn left and finish at SH 1 at the Hurunui River bridge.

Ready Money Walking and Cycle Trail

The new Ready Money Trail is a 3 km dual use trail for walking and mountain biking through the Cheviot Hills Reserve. The benched and signposted trail meanders through magnificent plantations of oak, eucalyptus and conifers, and takes in several historic sites. The trail leads up to a lookout over the Cheviot basin, and in Spring, much of the trail is through extensive plantings of daffodils.

The trail’s name celebrates the Cheviot Hills landowner Ready Money Robinson, who earned his nickname for buying the North Canterbury estate with a wheelbarrow of cash at the Lands and Deeds office in Nelson. The foundations of Ready Money’s mansion house are a feature of the Cheviot Hills Reserve and historic photographs of the estate in its heyday are inside the nearby cricket pavilion.

The trail is suitable for all levels of fitness and can be incorporated into the larger walking circuit from Cheviot down the Gore Bay Road, into the Cheviot Hills Reserve and back to Cheviot via a walking track along State Highway 1.

Kaiwara Road

This public four-wheel drive road traverses the Lowry Hills to Culverden Basin. Take the Ethelton Valley Road off SH 1 just left of the Hurunui River Bridge. Follow Eggleston Road, turn left onto Kaiwara Road and follow this until the stone entranceway marking the Kaiwara Valley.

There is a hill climb at the start before descending into the stunning rocks, native bush and farmland of the Kaiwara  Valley. There are several fords to cross but they are often dry. Unless you have arranged transport from Culverden, you will need to return the way you came. This is a working farm so please leave gates as you find them and keep an eye out for stock.

The annual 43 km Lions Kaiwara Classic in February starts in Culverden and finishes in Cheviot, following the Kaiwara and Random Spur Roads. For more info on this event visit: runandride.co.nz/events/kaiwara-classic.